About us


FFMW is a dynamically developing company which, thanks to its knowledge, experience, thirst for innovation, creativity and constant striving for perfection, has been supplying its customers with excellent quality ice cream produced under its own brands for years. The activities of the FFMW Company are based on the following values: responsibility, safety, cooperation and partnership, creativity, as well as improvement and development, which translate into the professionalism of our activities.







Within the structures of FFMW there are two production plants in Chechle I near Łódź and in Kalisz, supported by the following departments: quality, development, logistics, planning, purchasing, human resources, HR and others necessary for the Company. Dozens of engineers, technologists and specialists in their industries care for the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction. The mission of the FFMW company is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by producing and selling innovative high-quality products. According to our vision, we want to be a strategic partner for our clients and an expert in the field of ice cream production and distribution. Customer orientation - we strive to offer the highest level of customer service and advise at every stage of the project so that the products resulting from the cooperation fully satisfy our contractors.








Quality of raw materials and offered products - we use raw materials only from proven and certified suppliers. We develop our recipes in order to recommend the best products for health at an affordable price. We believe that you are what you eat, which is why almost all of our recipes are based on liquid milk or cream. Care for the environment - We have our own sewage treatment plant with a biogas system, which we then use for economic purposes. An innovative, environmentally friendly treatment system allows virtually clean water to be discharged into the wastewater. Thanks to the optimization of transport, the implementation of the 5S idea, waste segregation and tap aerators, we try to make a small step every day for the health of our planet.











Respect and ethics at work - FFMW is made up of people of different nationalities, religions, beliefs and genders. We believe that everyone deserves respect in the workplace, regardless of the position, therefore we have implemented special regulations in this area.