Raw Materials


All raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging are always inspected before being accepted. We buy from regular, proven and regularly verified suppliers. Each of them must have at least one of the certificates: IFS, BRC or FSSC. We also pay attention to the values ​​of our suppliers, we want them to be consistent with those that are important to us. We carefully verify each delivery - acceptance of deliveries is one of the most important stages. The final quality of the finished product depends on the quality of the accepted raw material. Accepted goods are subject to physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic checks. For this purpose, high-class measuring equipment is used, which is able to accurately assess all parameters of the raw material (e.g. milk, where we determine the content of fat, protein, individual sugars, dry matter, etc.) within a few minutes. If the goods do not meet the requirements of the factory specifications, they are sent back to the supplier.














Depending on the expectations of our customers, we can propose our proprietary proposals or prepare products in accordance with the guidelines provided. The process follows the internal design procedure, during which we repeatedly verify compliance with the customer's expectations and requirements.